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How much does a Christmas Instillation Cost?

That depends! Our prices are built around what materials you need, the size of the job, and how easy (or not so easy) it is to install your décor. We’re excellent at what we do, but sometimes we may need extra time or tools to get the installation done.

So, when we meet with you, we’ll build your quote based on the information you give us!

How soon should I contact you to get the process started?

As soon as possible, our instillation dates fill up faster than you think. The sooner you book the better options you have on dates and on in-stock decor inventory.

Will you give me multiple choices?

Yes, we will often bring a few decor options and/or discuss design ideas at the time of your initial consultation. Depending on the scope of the job we will come back and present a more final Christmas design plan after.

Can we have our Holiday decor installed, but not taken down?

Yes! The prices for both services are separate. We quote both services at the time of initial consultation. If you choose to rent our decor though, instillation and teardown services are required. 

What all is involved with your teardown services?

It depends on the decor options you choose. We have a large crew come out to take down all your Christmas décor. We bring wrapping supplies and storage containers if needed. Everything is very well organized, clearly labeled and carefully packed away in your desired space with your personally owned decor. All rental items from MDC will be collected and returned to our warehouse at this time. 

Will you store any decor items that I OWN off site?

We do not. With any decor items that you choose to provide, or buy from us, you will be responsible for storing on your own premises. We only store decor that has been rented from us for the season in our warehouse. 

Christmas install dates begin to fill up in August and space and product is limited.

Reach out today to get started!

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